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Back the F@#k off you skinny bitach

Hey guys sorry it’s been a while it’s just been crazy crazy in my life recently!… but today I thought I would have a rant after my recent shopping trip!

Today I took a trip into town child free! Whoop whoop for me ! But I was utterly disappointed with my finds. Now a little back story to this rant.

As maybe you all do maybe not but I watch far to much YouTube and I’ve been seeing some insane Primark hauls. But all these girls who look like they haven’t eaten in a month are going “oh I wanted this over size jumper over sized so I brought it in a large” ! Seriously a crisp bag would drown you! 

So when a girl like myself you NEEDS a large goes into store there sold out of literally everything in a large ! (Shit if I wanted this oversize jumper to be even more oversized I would need a tent) 

So here it is in not discriminating, I’m not judged I’m purely ranting saying 

“Oi look you skinny biatch, as if it’s not bad enough you look amazing in a bin bag you have to go and buy clothes that aren’t in your size so fat bitches like myself can by that cute as jumper”


Hope your all enjoying your week 

Much love 

Rhianna xx

P.s I’m feeling better now! 

3 thoughts on “Back the F@#k off you skinny bitach”

  1. I know this feeling all to well! I had a similar rant to my Bestie yesterday- Better out than in your head hun! Happy New Year and I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! 🙂

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