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Drowning in washing!

As I’m stood loading yet another load of washing into the machine, I start to wonder…

With only 4 in my house hold my washing machine seems to be constantly going yet my laundry basket is always over flowing. There is always a pile of ironing and clothes drying.

How do larger family’s cope or so I just have an excessive amount of laundry for 4 people? I don’t believe so but maybe I am wrong ?

Could someone please shead some light on this situation for me?

Short of making the kids wear dirty clothes I don’t know how I could cut back my washing load… but I’m sure there is someone out there who can help!

Please please share your comments and tips with me and any other mothers reading this!

Much love

Rhianna xx

7 thoughts on “Drowning in washing!”

  1. Morning lovely
    I’m in a household of 4 and I have to wash and dry and fold every single day.
    The weekends are normally days off laundry and spend more time together but by Monday I physically cannot fit anymore into it!

    Washing is a joke 😂
    If you find a solution let
    Me know xx

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  2. Yep….I feel like I spend my life sorting and putting away washing!! Kids just get dirty and I’m told it’s even worse when there’s school uniforms to factor in too! I don’t really bother changing their outfits during the day unless it’s really bad and if something looks reasonably clean at the end of the day then it’s good for another wear in my book!xx

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  3. I some times spend a whole day running the washing machine and dryer. I refuse to iron though… we have a house of 5. Instead of ironing i fold the clothes tightly after they have been in the dryer. This knocks a lot of wrinkles out and then i hang them a day later. You can also buy non iron school shirts, trousers and dresses(m and s). Hope that helps

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