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A quinisential mum’s birthday

Well so that’s it… it’s official I have turned 30!

To be perfectly honest it isn’t something I have been dreading age isn’t one of the things that worry me… not like wrinkles or the dreaded grey hairs (touch wood that haven’t started yet ) but it is stil a monuments occation.

So I thought I would share the reality of this huge day. My day started at 6.04am

I am awoken from my much needed beauty sleep by the children at there usual time. (At 2 and 4 they don’t understand lay-ins)

Followed by some much needed tv time whilest I prop my eyelids up with matchsticks.

Hubby arrises from bed and makes me a much needed cuppa… then it’s time for prezzys.

My eldest started by telling me the contence of my presents and then openes and she doesn’t already know!

I then make the kids breakfast and me and my partner bacon butties.

We enjoy a beautiful morning playing in the garden whilest family members come and go before a quick lunch for the children and off down the seafront for a car show we go!

Well not before nipping to clarks as the kids need new shoes (£56 later)

Lovely afternoon and an ice Cream later we head home, hot and tired.

Well mum’s night off so dad’s cooking means a phone call and dinner is delivered.

Enjoying birthday cake in the garden when my 2yr old throws my phone and cracks my screen in 4 places! I think it’s time for them to go to bed!

So that is the reality of a special birthday as my mother for 2 under 5.

And I wouldn’t chance a single minute for the world… well maybe the cracked screen.

Much love

Rhianna xxx

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