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Nappie review and moan

This post was intended as a rant but has progressed into a sort of review?…

How have lidl lupilu nappies managed to win so many awards ;

  • Mum’s net rated
  • Made for mum’s award 2018 silver
  • Good house keeping approved

To name a few?

There terrible, there paper thin and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t hold a sneeze let alone any actual urine. Granted my son drinks and wees an abnormal amount but now that he’s 2yrs old I’ve adapted to that in terms of how often I change him etc.

When he was new born I used Aldi nappies as at the time they were what my daughter was wearing (Aldi pull ups). They were….. ok…. he exploded out of those more times than I care to remember but I put that down to the fact he pooped a lot a lot I mean a lot (my daughter didn’t as a new born). Although with hindsight I wonder if they were just as rubbish?..

Over the years I’ve tired, pampers, Aldi, lidl, Sainsburys, Tesco, morrisons and asda over the years so here they are in order from worst to best with a brief run down of my opinion and why there ranked where they are.

  • Lidl: generous fit, but paper then, they sagg around the leg extremely quickly which equals leakage.
  • Aldi: elastic around leg isn’t sufficient enough to hold young baby liquid poop.
  • Tesco: cheap feeling, extremely thin.
  • Boots: a touch on the expensive side, average in performance, pictures are lovely tho.
  • Superdrug: extremely surprising performance honestly couldn’t fault then, just no great value for money
  • Sainsburys: very generous fit, Well absorbent, a little bulky.
  • Morrisons: average price point, absorbent, holds well no sagging.
  • Pampers: although thin feeling extremely absorbent, just so dam expensive!
  • Asda: great value, excellent quality, minimal sagging, no over night leaking. Amazing!

I will just add this is only my feelings after having my son’s who I have said drinks A LOT. With my daughter I could have used most of the nappies (except Tesco, they just feel shit) without any problems.

What nappies are your best and worst?

Much love

Rhianna xx

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