Half term activities with my under 5’s

Where to start? My eldest has been at nursery since she was 2, but this is her first half term. I used to do stretch funding (she used to go only 2 mornings a weeks but all year round rather than 3 morning term time). So I am trying to plan a few activities as she’s an antcy pants when it comes to lazy home days! 

  • Leaf and stone collecting at the local woods
  • Day at the beach (weather depending)
  • Trip to the park
  • Toilet roll monster crafts as it’s Halloween 

  • Cookie making

I’m always looking for activity ideas for my 2 kids so if you have any please please do comment with any ideas you have !

Much love 

Rhianna xx


Is the big bed a fail?

My son a good sleeper but not the best at going to bed !

Introducing a big bed has helped so much with him waking in the night as he’s not hitting limbs on the edge of the cot but with that also comes the freedom to get out and be mischievous. I have spoken about this in The big bed and To Big Bed Or Not to big bed. 

I now feel is has been long enough that I can now give my honest opinion on the matter !

Like I said before he’s not the easiest to get into bed but this defiantly as made things worse as he can now escape. I have tackled this by letting him stay up later until he’s tired and ready for bed! So I am stil putting him to bed awake but not as awake and I’m going to slowly put him up earlier and earlier until he’s going to bed like his sister ( which is when I say so!)

As for waking in the night. I still haven’t had to tackle that one, which I am taking as a good sign. Before we converted the bed he was waking every night front thrashing about. But fingers crossed, touch wood this problemhas naturally resolved itself. 

Oh i forgot to mention, I have decided not to use a bed guard as I feel the possibility of his falling a couple of inches scares me much less than him trying to climb over it and falling about half a meter. I used one with my daughter and she was absolutely fine but I don’t feel she would have ever attempted to climb it. My son on the other hand is a typical boy who tried to climb, throw or chew anything he can get his grubby little hands on. So I definaly feel I have chosen the lesser of two evils. 

I hope this helps and one else out there with a little monkey like me. 

Much love 

Rhianna xx

To big bed or not to big bed!

Recently we have been talking bout weather or not to transition our youngest into a toddler bed. Our daughter was in a toddler bed from about 15months, I know it might seem young but she was ready and then at 21 months she was in a full sized single bed. This was because we didn’t see the need to buy another cotbed as she was already using it as a toddler bed.

So with my son now 21months it seems to us the right time to take the bars away!! 

But oh and it’s a big but. My son Is a typical boy he’s naughty and cheeky and we stil have no idea how he managed to get onto or on top of the things he does.  So I am petrified of him turning bed time into a game and constantly getting out of bed. 

We never has any of these problems woth our daughter she has for the most part has always been a good sleeper. She went through a stage at about 18months of hysterically screaming and refusing to get into bed but we soon snapped her out of that. We’re as my son has been a terrible sleeper who has only really been completely sleep trained about 3months and so I don’t want to go backwards of I can help it. 

So there it is the dilemma!!!!

Much love 

Rhianna xx

Things I miss and defiantly don’t miss about being pregnant.

I recently read a blog post by Molly Hunter about the things she took for granted before falling pregnant, which inspired this post. I am currently thinking about adding another addition to my brood..?? Yes I may be totally insane or just have a touch of baby fever, which is my I thought I would write about the things I miss from being pregnant and the things definitely don’t.

Miss :

  • The excuse to eat cake at 5am.
  • Feeling my growing baby in my tummy.
  • Pregnancy Glow.
  • Amazing thick hair and long nails.
  • Feeling amazing whilst fat!
  • The excitement of hospital and midwife appointments to see the baby or hear the heart beat.

Don’t miss :

  • Not being able to reach my toes.
  • Heart burn.
  • Being kicked in the ribs at 2am.
  • Back ache from hell.
  • Restricting foods ( I am a blue steak kinds girl)
  • Everyone feeling it’s there right to rub my belly.


I must admit I had a really easy pregnancy both times round. I was over due with both and had to be induced so after two natural births I still haven’t experienced waters breaking naturally, a show or any form of excitement / anguish…  am I in labour am I not? I’ve spent the entire labour bored in hospital wishing I was at home. My daughter I could have honestly carried her for another 6 months, I wasn’t very big and was still very active and mobile. My son Id had enough but I think that was due to having a 20 month at home so I was knackered and defiantly feeling the strain of pregnancy.

I’m still very unsure weather another child is the right thing or not….. I was kinda hoping this would help 🤔.

Anyway that enough of my ramblings

Much love

Rhianna xx

ALL parents need to know about SIDS

Sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS for short is something I believe every parent/guardian should be provided with a lot more information then they currently are both during pregnany and after birth. My personal experience was a 10 minute piece during the 1 and only antenatal classes that was provided.

In the UK, just under 300 babies die suddenly and unexpectedly every year. 300 babies that if people were better informed may still be alive. This statistic may sound alarming, but SIDS is rare and the risk of your baby dying from it is low. Im in no way trying to blame parents as sometimes there is no reason for SIDS many cases I’ve read about are all toooooo simular. Parent and baby nap on the sofa or in a chair and but only parent wakes from that nap.

Most deaths happen during the first six months of a baby’s life. Infants born prematurely or with a low birthweight are at greater risk. SIDS also tends to be slightly more common in baby boys.

SIDS usually occurs when a baby is asleep, although it can occasionally happen while they’re awake.


  • Always place your baby on their back to sleep.
  • Place your baby in the “feet to foot” position (with their feet touching the end of the cot, Moses basket, or pram).
  • Keep your baby’s head uncovered. Their blanket should be tucked in no higher than their shoulders.
  • Let your baby sleep in a cot or Moses basket in the same room as you for the first six months.
  • Use a mattress that’s firm, flat, waterproof and in good condition.


  • Smoke during pregnancy or let anyone smoke in the same room as your baby (both before and after birth).
  • Sleep on a bed, sofa or armchair with your baby.
  • Share a bed with your baby if you or your partner smoke or take drugs, or if you’ve been drinking alcohol.
  • Let your baby get too hot or too cold. A room temperature of 16-20C, with light bedding or a lightweight baby sleeping bag, will provide a comfortable sleeping environment for your baby.

Providing parent with more information and more facts will helo to save lives. My particular antinatel tutor to quote said ” you really shouldn’t sleep with your babies but we all do it ” now how is that imprinting the severity of SIDS on new parents??

I do apologise if it’s seems like I am ranting it just irritates me! On a nicer note I was lucky enough to stumbles across a lovely gentle man who’s grandson unfortunately lost his life to SIDS, however his family have used this experience to set up an amazing charity Charlie’s kids Who are trying to educate America, they also have a beautiful book sleep baby safe and snug.

     Sleep baby safe and snug can be        purchased from Amazon 

And Amazon uk

There is also The lullaby trust which is a uk based organisation so please visit there websites Charlie’s kids and  The lullaby trust as the information they provide is invaluable. 

I really hope this helps any new parents out there.

Much love

Rhianna xx

Top 5 waste of money nursery/ new born items

This is my opinion if you love any of these items then that’s amazing and id love to hear from you. These are just things that didn’t work for me and my children.


1.Baby bath with top and tail bowl.
Every new baby hates having a bath no matter how fancy the baby bath is. Baby baths price around £10-£20 and they grow out of then really quickly. What’s wrong with just bathing them in the bath weather it’s with you ?or with just a few inches of water. Or a washing up bowl which can be brought in the pound shop.
When it comes to stupid top to tail bowls you have to options here as well just use to plastic container or wash your baby like you was yourself… top first bottom last as an adult you would never was your nether reason then your face so why do manufacturers of top to tail bowels think you would do it to a baby?


2. Anything that goes inside a cot? Toys night lights etc.
If I start with the most simple reason….. your baby is there to sleep not to play
But more seriously tho, SIDS is so important to be aware of more than 250 babies and toddlers still die every year from aids in the UK. So adding additional items to the cot is just increasing the risk in my option.
(SIDS IS such an important thing to be aware of I will write a separate peace about that in the next few weeks. )

3.Moses basket! Shop wisely

Moses basket or cribs are a new born essential but be weary there price varies hugely from around £30 to £200. The key thing to remember is they grow out if it really quickly so don’t break the bank on it.



4. Baby food processor !
Come on talk about a gimmick not only is it a total waste of money as most of us have a food processor or a hand blender in our cupboard but they also hold such a little amount. Most mum’s bulk cook baby food, blend it and freeze it in appropriate portion size

5. Nappy bin. 
Personally I just find this rather disgusting , keeping nappies in the babies room for a prolonged period of time. Just put them in a nappies sake a put them in the bin!


I hope you found this useful.

Much love

Rhianna xx



Top 5 nursery must haves.

Top 5 nursery/ new baby must haves.

Here are my top 5 nursery must have!

  1. Cot bed. 

For me this is essential. Cots are amazing but I feel a cot bed Is a better buy as your not going to have to buy a bed. They can stay in a cot bed (transformed into a toddler bed) until there are aprox 4? They vary hugely in price so no matter what your budget there’s something for everyone. Plus going from a cot to a toddler bed to a single bed not only feels like a huge waste of money but a lot of hassle.

2. Full size wardrobe

However adorable these little child size wardrobes are you need to look forward to the future… small toddler wardrobes firstly will not hold enough clothes especially as the get older and the items become larger and secondly I don’t know about everyone else’s children, but I certainly wouldn’t want my little darlings to be able to empty there wardrobe full of clean ironed clothes all over the floor in a blink of an eye.

3. Microwave sterilizer & Formula dispencer. (This is mainly for bottle fed babies)

I must say I loved my microwave sterilizer You can take it anywhere and it only took like 5mins to sterilizer 4 bottle, teats & lids. The portable milk dispencer OMG I bottle fed my 2nd child after only around a month so this for me was amazing! You get 3 feeds worth if space it’s so easy to use although I would recommend buying a branded one as I brought a second (just as a spare) off the internet and it was rubbish if I hadn’t have known how good they should have been I would have never recommended it to so many people or used it ever again for that matter.

4. Reclineable highchair

Where do I start these are amazing for numerous reasons. I found when you begin weaning my children just didn’t sit right in a straight highchair so being able to recline just one notch help with feeding no end. Also bring a mum of two unfortunately my son didn’t always get undivided attention during feeds he probably should have.  So being able to feed him (highchair fully reclined) at family meal times whist stil being with my eldest was a god send. Now that hes 18 months he still sometimes falls asleep during meals times so being able to lean him back whilst we all finish our meals just makes life easier.

5.  Room and bath thermometer

tesco baby bath and room thermometer 

I think every mum should have a bath thermometer. I still use mine every day. Although to be honest I’ve never felt the need for a room thermometer though.

This Tesco loves baby & toddlers one in particular is my personal favourite it’s only £5 and I’ve had mine for 3 1/2 years without any problems. Others on the market so exactly the same and are ridiculously expensive…. I just cannot Justify spending around £20 on something that does EXACTLY the same job.


I hope you have found these tips helpful, I hope to do a post soon about the top 5 things I feel are a total waste of money. If there is anything you would like me to post about inparticular or you have any question please leave a comment.

Thank you ,

Rhianna xx