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Nappie review and moan

This post was intended as a rant but has progressed into a sort of review?...How have lidl lupilu nappies managed to win so many awards ;Mum's net ratedMade for mum's award 2018 silverGood house keeping approvedTo name a few?There terrible, there paper thin and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't hold a sneeze let alone any… Continue reading Nappie review and moan

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5 tips to help mum’s stay organised!

1. Meal plan! No only does it save money it also keeps everyone in the know as to what's for dinner! I have a lost dedicated to Meal planning if you want to know more.  2. Have an organiser/ planner or calender! Keep all important dates in there and remember to refure to it. Each week as… Continue reading 5 tips to help mum’s stay organised!

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Popular boys names for 2017

This is a follow on for the Popular girls names for 2017 post  Noah:  Meaning ‘rest’ and ‘comfort’, this is also a popular biblical name, after Noah builds an ark in the Old Testament, saving animals from a flood. Harry: We’ve got Princess Diana to thank for putting Harry back on the map, Meaning ‘estate ruler’. Oliver:… Continue reading Popular boys names for 2017