I need serious mum help!

Right I’m just gonna get straight into this…. my just turned 2yr old was an amazing sleeper and would always go down without a fight..  until he was about 15months he started waking in the night a refusing to go to bed awake… I used to hear him banging his arms legs and head on the bars of his cot so we decided to turn his cot into a cot bed at about 21months ? hopping to solve the problem. 

We’ll it didn’t. Then when I had my emergency surgery (the first night he’d ever spent without me) he has got 100 times worse, waking 3/4times a night screaming and them being a nightmare to get back down. Not going to bed awake or if he is awake I have to stay until he falls asleep…. I know your all reading this and thinking…. leave him to scream or something but heres my problems. 

My 2 children share a room and so by almost sleep training him all over again means my daughter cannot go to bed until he’s finally asleep where ever that May be?

So please please please mum’s out there i am in desperate need of advice on what to do!!!


Much love 

Rhianna xx


Birth marks

Birth marks like most of us come in all different shapes and sizes but there is one in particular I am looking to talk about.

Infantile haemangioma. 

This is what nhs web site says about it:

Infantile haemangiomas, also known as strawberry marks, are raised marks on the skin that are usually red. They can appear anywhere on the body.

Sometimes infantile haemangiomas occur deeper in the skin, in which case the skin can look blue or purple.

Haemangiomas are common, particularly in girls, and affect around 5% of babies soon after birth. They rapidly increase in size for the first six months before eventually shrinking and disappearing by around seven years of age.

Haemangiomas that get bigger rapidly, or those that interfere with vision or feeding, may need to be treated.

At around 3 weeks old after thinking it was a little spot my midwife told me my daughter had a strawberry mark on her face. I then very much did the typical new mum thing a turned to Google and worried myself sick! It was on the centre of her cheek and was growling rapidly, I worried about it getting so big it would restrict her air way, I worried it would ulcerate, I worried it should end up sticking out from her face, I worried she would get picked on as 7yrs it a long time to have a birth mark on your face. 

I sound very vain and image conscious saying this but that isn’t the case, however I also understand that kids can be cruel and things like that can scar you mentally for life. 

                   3 weeks old 

2 months old

 12 months old

18 month ( you can see it disapering)

2 yrs old virtually gone 

Now I can’t tell you exactly when it completely disappeared but somewhere between 2/3 one day I woke up and it had gone, as if by magic. 

She doesn’t remember ever having it.  When she looks back at photos she asked why she doesn’t have it? She actually asked me if it fell off and wanted to look for it last time she asked. 

Buy anyway this post is about sharing my feeling and my experience with a strawberry birth mark. My daughter lucked out unfortunately as she has a stork mark, had a strawberry, has a café au lait and a white birth mark. But can accure you the doctors are write and the strawberry mark will go away on it’s own. 

I just want to thank Charlie’s mum’s site. For the inspiration behind this post. 

Have you go a birth mark??

Much love 

Rhianna xx 

Abortion on trial?

I have just caught up on  the BBC 2 programme “Abortion on trial”

This got me thinking about my own views, pro life or pro choice or maybe even somewhere in between?

As a young probably somewhat naive girl I would have stood for hours and told you about how I was pro life and how i could never “murder” my baby. I just couldn’t see any plausible reason to abort your unborn baby. 

Until December of 2005 when I did just that I had an abortion. I was 17 and madly in love with what I now realise an extremely virbaly abusive man nearly 10 years my senior. He was desperate to keep the baby but after finding out I was nearly 18weeks pregnant and honestly had no idea I was in shock!. My partners were very supportive to which ever choice I made but also helped me realise that he was not the man I thought he was and that I wasn’t ready for a baby. 

For me the hardest part was that I had almost no time to decide and on December 23rd I went In to my local hospital. It was all over with in a blink of an eye and to be honest it is a complete blur.  

But now clearly my views have changed somewhat and the say really is prevalent here; 

You can’t judge or make a decision on a situation you have never been in.

So for me I found this documentary particularly interesting and listening to the women’s stories very at times heart wrenching. 

However there was one thing I am still struggling with, there was a man on the programme who’s ex partner had aborted his child after her begged her not to and even stated he would raise the child alone?

How is it right that a woman can decided to keep a baby even if the father isn’t interested, but a man has no choice but to loose a child?

This is where I am stuck between a rock and a hard place?

I do not feel any woman should have to carry a child for 9months that she does not want, it is to mentally disturbing.

I do not feel anyone should be forced to abort a child they wish to keep.

I do not feel anyone should loose a child that could have a loving home, what ever the means. 

I do feel every person has the right to have a child.

Are you seeing my point/problem? 

I would never say a woman should have to carry and birth a child she doesn’t want but I also feel a man shouldn’t have to stand by and watch a child he wants to love and bring up be aborted?
What are your feelings? 

Pro life or pro choice? 

How do you feel about this gentleman’s situation? 

Please share your feeling and thought on this somewhat controversial subject.

Much love 

Rhianna xx

Is the big bed a fail?

My son a good sleeper but not the best at going to bed !

Introducing a big bed has helped so much with him waking in the night as he’s not hitting limbs on the edge of the cot but with that also comes the freedom to get out and be mischievous. I have spoken about this in The big bed and To Big Bed Or Not to big bed. 

I now feel is has been long enough that I can now give my honest opinion on the matter !

Like I said before he’s not the easiest to get into bed but this defiantly as made things worse as he can now escape. I have tackled this by letting him stay up later until he’s tired and ready for bed! So I am stil putting him to bed awake but not as awake and I’m going to slowly put him up earlier and earlier until he’s going to bed like his sister ( which is when I say so!)

As for waking in the night. I still haven’t had to tackle that one, which I am taking as a good sign. Before we converted the bed he was waking every night front thrashing about. But fingers crossed, touch wood this problemhas naturally resolved itself. 

Oh i forgot to mention, I have decided not to use a bed guard as I feel the possibility of his falling a couple of inches scares me much less than him trying to climb over it and falling about half a meter. I used one with my daughter and she was absolutely fine but I don’t feel she would have ever attempted to climb it. My son on the other hand is a typical boy who tried to climb, throw or chew anything he can get his grubby little hands on. So I definaly feel I have chosen the lesser of two evils. 

I hope this helps and one else out there with a little monkey like me. 

Much love 

Rhianna xx

Baby names I love but will not….. probably not…. be using! 🤣

I have spoke before about the possibility of baby number 3! Although more recently I have defiantly been thinking more seriously about just leaving it at 2. (Although I am a never say never sorta girl)  

How ever much I know id love another baby unfortunately there are just to many cons I just cannot ignore. 

So I thought I’d share some of my favourite baby names to get everyone else broody! Some are very much unsusal to the point I love them but would never have the courage to actually use them and other are just plain lovely. 
Boys names :

  • Baine 
  • Andrey 
  • Dexter
  • Oscar
  • Theo

Girls names :

  • Amira 
  • Niya 
  • Evie
  • Phoebe
  • Milly 

    Let me know the names you love!

    If you are expecting though you may want to check out The truth about mother hoodhospital bag must haves & Top 10 waste of money nursery / new born items

    Much love 

    Rhianna xx

    Big bed 

    So as you may know if you read To Big Bed Or Not To Big Bed, I have been deliberating on moving my 22month old into his toddler bed. Well last week we had a week of him waking throughout the night due to banging his head or getting an appendage stuck in the bars. 

    So yesterday I bit the bullet and turned his cotbed into a toddler bed! For better or worse I was committed. I don’t want to jinx myself or anything but so far so good, granted I may be getting a bit ahead of my self but last night he slepted like a baby and even slepted in this morning. So fingers crossed for tonight!

    Much love 

    Rhianna xxx

    Meal planning 

    As a mother of two under 4 with a partner that works long hour’s I feel like a single mother at times. So I battle this with lists for lists! Honestly i have a list for everything. But one of my big ones and i feel questionably one of the most important is my meal plan. 

    The Benifits of meal planning !

    1. It save hours in the supermarket.

    Knowing exactly what you have to get and not wavering from that list means shopping is a quick, stress free and saves money when shopping with two little ones. 

    2. Minimises waste. 

    Checking what food you have left from last week is essential to minimising waste. Plan meals around that’s left first, for example if you have veg left then you need a meal that includes what vegetables you have left over or if you have some chicken etc.

    3. Knowing what’s on for dinner.

    I personally only plan dinner as my children eat cereal for breakfast most days. So knowing what’s for dinner helps me decide what’s for lunch. My son would live off pasta of he was allowed so there for if we’re having pasta for dinner then pasta is off the menu for lunch. 

    4. Pick meals that use some of the same ingredients.

    This on sounds strange in the title as I can’t find another that to world it so I’ll use an example.

    ( I’ve used same colours for same ingredients so it will reduce the money spent and the left over waste) 

    All the black items are either one time use so there doesn’t tend to be waste, items I regularly by or items I would tend to have in the cupboard such as rice or pasta. 

    Being organised and on top of everything makes life 10x easyer. Most of you are mum’s so I don’t need to explain how time saving is imperative. 

    I also like to bulk cook when I can and have meals in the freezer, a dear friend of mine said one day (she didn’t mean it maliciously she just doesn’t have children so is ignorant to how much time you don’t have). 

    She said “why are you freezing meals, you don’t don’t work or anything so you must have time to cook fresh everynight” I chuckled as she as only 10 weeks pregnant at the time. “I’m going to cook fresh for my baby every night, no freezer meals for us”

    She is in for a short sharp shock when her baby arrives!

    Anyway I’m rambling now. Have an amazing bank holiday weekend everyone!!!

    Much love 

    Rhianna xx