Abortion on trial?

I have just caught up on  the BBC 2 programme “Abortion on trial”

This got me thinking about my own views, pro life or pro choice or maybe even somewhere in between?

As a young probably somewhat naive girl I would have stood for hours and told you about how I was pro life and how i could never “murder” my baby. I just couldn’t see any plausible reason to abort your unborn baby. 

Until December of 2005 when I did just that I had an abortion. I was 17 and madly in love with what I now realise an extremely virbaly abusive man nearly 10 years my senior. He was desperate to keep the baby but after finding out I was nearly 18weeks pregnant and honestly had no idea I was in shock!. My partners were very supportive to which ever choice I made but also helped me realise that he was not the man I thought he was and that I wasn’t ready for a baby. 

For me the hardest part was that I had almost no time to decide and on December 23rd I went In to my local hospital. It was all over with in a blink of an eye and to be honest it is a complete blur.  

But now clearly my views have changed somewhat and the say really is prevalent here; 

You can’t judge or make a decision on a situation you have never been in.

So for me I found this documentary particularly interesting and listening to the women’s stories very at times heart wrenching. 

However there was one thing I am still struggling with, there was a man on the programme who’s ex partner had aborted his child after her begged her not to and even stated he would raise the child alone?

How is it right that a woman can decided to keep a baby even if the father isn’t interested, but a man has no choice but to loose a child?

This is where I am stuck between a rock and a hard place?

I do not feel any woman should have to carry a child for 9months that she does not want, it is to mentally disturbing.

I do not feel anyone should be forced to abort a child they wish to keep.

I do not feel anyone should loose a child that could have a loving home, what ever the means. 

I do feel every person has the right to have a child.

Are you seeing my point/problem? 

I would never say a woman should have to carry and birth a child she doesn’t want but I also feel a man shouldn’t have to stand by and watch a child he wants to love and bring up be aborted?
What are your feelings? 

Pro life or pro choice? 

How do you feel about this gentleman’s situation? 

Please share your feeling and thought on this somewhat controversial subject.

Much love 

Rhianna xx


Baby names I love but will not….. probably not…. be using! ūü§£

I have spoke before about the possibility of baby number 3! Although more recently I have defiantly been thinking more seriously about just leaving it at 2. (Although I am a never say never sorta girl)  

How ever much I know id love another baby unfortunately there are just to many cons I just cannot ignore. 

So I thought I’d share some of my favourite baby names to get everyone else broody! Some are very much unsusal to the point I love them but would never have the courage to actually use them and other are just plain lovely. 
Boys names :

  • Baine 
  • Andrey 
  • Dexter
  • Oscar
  • Theo

Girls names :

  • Amira 
  • Niya 
  • Evie
  • Phoebe
  • Milly 

    Let me know the names you love!

    If you are expecting though you may want to check out The truth about mother hoodhospital bag must haves & Top 10 waste of money nursery / new born items

    Much love 

    Rhianna xx

    5 more mum hacks 

    Mum hacks are the staple of my life. Anything to make my life less stressful then I’m in! 

    Here a 5 mum / life hacks that i use in my everyday life!.

    1. Drippy ice lollies 

    Use a cup cake case to catch the drips 

    2. Ran out of febreeze?

    Use fabric conditioner and water mixed in a spray bottle!

    3. Brown bananas.

    Keep clingfilm over the ends of your bananas to keep them fresher for longer.

    4. Baby proofing on a budget. 

    Baby proofing cupboard locks can be expensive and well just a pain in the bum. So use linkie baby toys to stop little fingers getting in. These are also great for baby proofing on the go. People don’t realise how inappropriate there homes can be until they have children of there own and in my experience they end up feeling bad that there child free one isn’t equipped for your children… mad I know. Which is why these are great as you can bring spear linkies with you and use as needed. 

    5. Sandy toes.

    Whether it’s in the sand pit or down the beach sand is the devil! Use talcum powder to remove the excess moisture then the sand will just rub off. 
    That’s it for today, please share any mum hacks below.

    Much love 

    Rhianna xx 

    To big bed or not to big bed!

    Recently we have been talking bout weather or not to transition our youngest into a toddler bed. Our daughter was in a toddler bed from about 15months, I know it might seem young but she was ready and then at 21 months she was in a full sized single bed. This was because we didn’t see the need to buy another cotbed as she was already using it as a toddler bed.

    So with my son now 21months it seems to us the right time to take the bars away!! 

    But oh and it’s a big but. My son Is a typical boy he’s naughty and cheeky and we stil have no idea how he managed to get onto or on top of the things he does.  So I am petrified of him turning bed time into a game and constantly getting out of bed. 

    We never has any of these problems woth our daughter she has for the most part has always been a good sleeper. She went through a stage at about 18months of hysterically screaming and refusing to get into bed but we soon snapped her out of that. We’re as my son has been a terrible sleeper who has only really been completely sleep trained about 3months and so I don’t want to go backwards of I can help it. 

    So there it is the dilemma!!!!

    Much love 

    Rhianna xx


    We are in need of moving home. We have a two bedroom house, which when we moved in we had only one child who was 9months old, no plan of anotger for a good few years and at the time I was desperate to move back home and ant cost. 

    I love the house it’s stil needs work to make it perfect but like I said we moved with  9month old and very shortly after fell pregnant with our youngest. So home improvements weren’t at the top of our to do list! 

    The problem is we don’t want to have to move EVER again so the next house has to be perfect. I’m not sure if striving for perfection is what is making this seem impossible or if the right house just isn’t out there at the moment?

    We don’t really want to move but the kids can’t share a room for forever! 

    Help!! Is it me or is the right house just no out there???

    Much love 

    Rhianna xx

    The many hats of a mother 

    When you become a mother you automatically assume many different roles, most of which you love and seem to become more of a identity than a role others though are not so appealing. 

    1. A mother.

    The woman that nurtures her children. A care giver. 

    2. A maid.

    The woman that cleans up are her children. Washing the dishes and keeps the house in order.

    3. A chair.

    You sit down for a 5 minuet break and within a blink of an eye you have someone sitting on your lap weather they were invited or not. 

    4. A punching bag.

    I do not mean tis literally. I mean this metaphorically. No matter what age your child is, if something isn’t going quite rite you can bet it is your fault. Weather it’s an over tired baby or a teenage tantrum… You got it you’ll take the brunt of there mood. 

    5. A dummy. 

    Once your a mother you become a soothing divice. As a new born it tends to be feeding to sleep but as they get older then can become attached to suckling just for comfort and when you think you’ve cracked that habit. It’ll turn into cuddles, hair twiddling which even soothing action your child enjoys.

    6. A climbing frame. 

    What you don’t realise is that you have a sign on you that only your children can see which read “climb on me” or “jump on me”. 

    7. A chef.

    From around 6 months old you become a personal chef, your rolls include:

    Cooking 3 meals a day.

    Remembering that today they don’t like broccoli but tomorrow they will.

    Smiling when they show no interest and even some disgust to the food you’ve spent the last hour lovingly preparing for them.

    Producing food on demand. “I’m hungry now not in 15 minutes when it’s ready, so I’m going to have a melt down and slow down the process even more”. 

    8. A bank. 

    The expression “bank of mum” springs to mind. Yes everyone knows children are expensive and it doesn’t get any easier the older they get. It changes from a ¬£5 toy to ¬£20 to go out with there mates. What happened to bring given ¬£2 to get a drink and chocolate bar and a packet or crisps whilst you were out doing free activities (ie the park or forest walks) with your friends. 

    9. An agony aunt. 

    Getting to listen to all your children’s worries however comical they can seem. Keep a straight face and offer advice. Then just pray they take it. 

    10. An educator.

    It is your duty as a mother to teach your children everything they need to know to be a well rounded individual. From empathy and love to shapes and colours. This is by far the most rewarding and is truly a perfect example of the more you put in the more you will get back. 
    Let me know which is your most and least favourite mum hat! Or any other hat you take on. 

    Much love 

    Rhianna xx

    My weaning experience 

    My daughter was amazing to wean I think I enjoyed it more than her. She loved everything she was given and would always clean the bowl. I made everything from scratch, freeze it down and honestly enjoyed doing it. 

    Then I had my son, he refused everything I gave him. Spat everything that was put in this mouth back out at me talk about disheartening, i put all that effort in preparing his meal just to get it litterly thrown back in my face . Every meal time was a battle. I tried everything from distraction, airplanes to begging but nothing worked. The only thing I would assure he would eat was banabix (banana flavoured weetabix) and he couldn’t eat that three times a day ! But then at about 18months we had a urecka moment he just woke up and started eating ! Granted meal times are now messier than ever as I am no longer aloud to help feed him and bless him he insists on using a spoon for EVERYTHING. He now eats most things but his favourites are pasta, bakes beans and stil his banabix. 

    Enough of my ramblings for now I just thought I’d share how different my children were / are and how I have had to very different experiences regarding weaning. 

    I’ll write up a tips and tricks list this week as I hope it will help any new mum’s or mums struggling like I was with my son. 

    Much love 

    rhianna xx