I need serious mum help!

Right I’m just gonna get straight into this…. my just turned 2yr old was an amazing sleeper and would always go down without a fight..  until he was about 15months he started waking in the night a refusing to go to bed awake… I used to hear him banging his arms legs and head on the bars of his cot so we decided to turn his cot into a cot bed at about 21months ? hopping to solve the problem. 

We’ll it didn’t. Then when I had my emergency surgery (the first night he’d ever spent without me) he has got 100 times worse, waking 3/4times a night screaming and them being a nightmare to get back down. Not going to bed awake or if he is awake I have to stay until he falls asleep…. I know your all reading this and thinking…. leave him to scream or something but heres my problems. 

My 2 children share a room and so by almost sleep training him all over again means my daughter cannot go to bed until he’s finally asleep where ever that May be?

So please please please mum’s out there i am in desperate need of advice on what to do!!!


Much love 

Rhianna xx


2nd birthday plans 

Well it’s 5 weeks until my son’s 2nd birthday! Omg how time has flown.. so im  now preparing for this birthday. 

We’ve decided not to give him any formal party this year. We’re just going to try out a new soft play area and have a special tea. 

Now I should have learnt from last year but I didn’t and finding birthday paper in the small town we call home even in October is a total nightmare, today we weren’t to a local town which is considerably bigger but stil isn’t a city if you get my drift. There they have a paper chase which if any of you have been before you’ll know is a beautiful paper,craft,card shop but it is a little pricey. I found the most beautiful paper yhere with dinosaurs on which was £3.45 for 3m …. ouch! 

We are also copping out this year with gifts as he’s only 2 and I feel we can stil get away with minimal presents and still give him an amazing day in which he will never remember. So this year his bulk of gifts are clothes from us and 3 small toys. Although don’t feel like he’s missing out as my parents are getting him a monstrous vtech toot toot race way thingy, they already technically had his huge transporter gift from his great grandparents and the until have brought him another gift (I believe a toy airplane) and that is without aunt’s and uncles! I think he’ll do just fine !

I make my kids a cake every year without fale but I’m unsure what to do my son this year? He’s mad about trains and cars (thankfully not Thomas yet tho ) so I am thinking maybe something along the lines of this? 

But I’m really unsure?  Or maybe a bing bunny cake ? My only trouble with this is I did a bing make for my daughter second birthday. Any ideas ?? 

The only thing that is for sure is that he is a cake fiend so I’ll probably go with chocolate… who doesn’t like chocolate cake!

Anyway I hope your all having an amazing week? 

What would you suggest for a monsters 2nd birthday? 

Much love 

rhianna xx 

Becoming a “dance mum”

Just before the summer my daughter started ballet, there was only a few weeks left of term so she didn’t get her uniform but omg she loved it! After the summer break she started again last week. She was so excited she squealed when I told her, but this week was extra special she recieved her uniform. No only does she feel like a big girl her she is the first to have one of the new uniforms so her dance teacher has made her feel extra special. Explaining she was the first to get to try the new uniform but she had to do like a fashion show to show all the other children what the new uniform looks like ! You can just imagine how ecstatic she was to be almost “the chosen one”. 

I don’t know if every dance studio is like this but the one my daughter attends, partners aren’t in the room so we don’t get to watch. Which is a shame but at the same time I’m not sure how much 3 yr / 4yr old would concentrate if all us mum’s where there cooing and clapping. 

What a different the 6weeks holidays made. Before when she would finish I would ask her what she had learnt, I wouldn’t get a reply… well that made any sence. But now she is showing me her pointy toes and her naughty toes, her plie etc.

I’m looking forward to Christmas as I am told they usually do a little show case ! Eeek excitement overload! 

So the long and short of this is … It’s the start of a long journey of pink tutus and hair pins! 

Does anyone else’s kids do dance?

Much love 

rhianna xx 

A typical boy??

What is a typical boy ?

I never belived in “boys” and “girls” I have always belived that a child is who he or she is and there likes dislikes and behaviour was due to upbringing . 

Oh how I was wrong both of my children have been brought up the same and I don’t treat them any differently because if there gender.  Granted I have been a lot more relaxed with my son (2nd child) but isn’t every one.?. And I don’t think I was that much of a freety  mum In the first place with my daughter I have always been very children will be children, they will eat dirt and they will fall over there’s no need to panic or fret theyll live sort of mum. 

But never the less my daughter loves arts and crafts and has from a very young age she loves to sing and dance and sparkly things. 

My son still eats paint and for the 5secs in which he stops, he flicks the paintbrush so paint splirts up the walls. He loves to dance but he loves nothing more than playing in the garden with his transporter or playing on his ride on.  

His temperament is a lot different he is impatient and will go Tasmanian devil on you in the blink of an eye! Such a man thing no patience. He’s also very rough and tumble which you’d associate with a little boy. Yes forever banging something on something usually as he’s tried to climb on something he shouldn’t or jump of something he shouldn’t without looking first!

I hope this is making sence and you can really see how different they are and it’s not just personalities you could literally pidgen hole my children! My daughter doesn’t like being dirty, my son thinks a bath is full of acid ! Type of thing. 

Is anyone else’s children like this or is it just mind? 

Please let me know your thoughts 

Much love 

Rhianna xxx

Is the big bed a fail?

My son a good sleeper but not the best at going to bed !

Introducing a big bed has helped so much with him waking in the night as he’s not hitting limbs on the edge of the cot but with that also comes the freedom to get out and be mischievous. I have spoken about this in The big bed and To Big Bed Or Not to big bed. 

I now feel is has been long enough that I can now give my honest opinion on the matter !

Like I said before he’s not the easiest to get into bed but this defiantly as made things worse as he can now escape. I have tackled this by letting him stay up later until he’s tired and ready for bed! So I am stil putting him to bed awake but not as awake and I’m going to slowly put him up earlier and earlier until he’s going to bed like his sister ( which is when I say so!)

As for waking in the night. I still haven’t had to tackle that one, which I am taking as a good sign. Before we converted the bed he was waking every night front thrashing about. But fingers crossed, touch wood this problemhas naturally resolved itself. 

Oh i forgot to mention, I have decided not to use a bed guard as I feel the possibility of his falling a couple of inches scares me much less than him trying to climb over it and falling about half a meter. I used one with my daughter and she was absolutely fine but I don’t feel she would have ever attempted to climb it. My son on the other hand is a typical boy who tried to climb, throw or chew anything he can get his grubby little hands on. So I definaly feel I have chosen the lesser of two evils. 

I hope this helps and one else out there with a little monkey like me. 

Much love 

Rhianna xx

The social calender of a 3yr old !!

Oh my, what has life come to when my toddler has a better social life than I do?


I was checking my diary today when it dawned on me that my daughter has a busier schedule than most adults. If this is what little miss socialise is like a 3 nearly 4, by the time she’s 16 she’ll have to give up on sleep all together!

Monday : Swimming lessons 

Tuesday : Nursery 

Wednesday : Nursery followed by Ballet 

Thursday : Nursery 

Friday :

Saturday : both children are there grandparents 

Sunday : 

This is her usual weeks schedule. Except this week she has a play date friday. A party Saturday so is seeing her grandparents Sunday! 

Wtf I must admit I am extremely jealous my weeks looks more like this ;

Monday – Sunday:  cleaning, cooking , running around after kids, pooy nappies, cooking , cleaning and maybe some sleep if I’m really lucky !
Do I have a little miss socialite in the making or do all kids have a Crazy schedule like this? 

Please share your children’s schedule with me. I hope your all having a lovely weekend xx

Much love 

Rhianna xxx

Big bed 

So as you may know if you read To Big Bed Or Not To Big Bed, I have been deliberating on moving my 22month old into his toddler bed. Well last week we had a week of him waking throughout the night due to banging his head or getting an appendage stuck in the bars. 

So yesterday I bit the bullet and turned his cotbed into a toddler bed! For better or worse I was committed. I don’t want to jinx myself or anything but so far so good, granted I may be getting a bit ahead of my self but last night he slepted like a baby and even slepted in this morning. So fingers crossed for tonight!

Much love 

Rhianna xxx