12 weeks of Christmas 

This time next week it will be Christmas day !! 

I am all prepared on the gift side of things… all brought… wrapped and what can be delivered has been. 

This year obviously other than my two children, most people have recieved gift hampers, including a homemade gift frame, a new photo of the kids and a small gift (around the £20 per adult mark). I just can’t afford to go all out anymore my two cost me enough !. 

Plus is saves on wrapping as hampers look so luxurious! 

All that is left is to do the food shopping! I have started buying nibbles etc but unfortunately we keep eating then 😆🤣. But again were having a quiet Christmas just the 4of us and with the kids being so young we don’t need a tone of cheese,  cold meats and paté. 

I hope you all have a magical Christmas! 

                 Merry Christmas.

Much love

Rhianna xx

2 weeks until Christmas 

3 weeks until Christmas 

4 weeks until Christmas 

5 weeks until Christmas 

6 weeks until Christmas

7 weeks until Christmas 

8 weeks until Christmas 

9 weeks until Christmas 

10 weeks until Christmas 

11 weeks until Christmas 


12 weeks of Christmas series 

Ive decided to do a 12 weeks of christmas series! I do apologise to anyone who is not Christmas crazy like me for swearing with the Xmas word ! But Christmas is THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR….

Especially for me as this year I will have a nearly 4yr old and a 2yr old. My daughter who is the eldest is really truly getting it this year and is already asking about father Christmas and Rudolph. Eeek it really should be a magical year this year. 

So like I said I’ve decided to do a 12 weeks for Christmas series. Every week sharing hits, tips, trick, recipes and all this christmasy with you all. 

If there’s anything specific you would like to see please comment and let me know.

If you like this also check out the Christmas gift box so far.  

Much love 

Rhianna xx 

5 tips to help mum’s stay organised!

1. Meal plan!

No only does it save money it also keeps everyone in the know as to what’s for dinner! I have a lost dedicated to Meal planning if you want to know more. 

2. Have an organiser/ planner or calender!

Keep all important dates in there and remember to refure to it. Each week as I’m writing my meal plan on my memo board I also check my organiser and write any appointments, birthdays etc there for the whole family to see. 

3. Konmari folding method.

I’ve recently got on the bandwagon with konmari folding and well omg I can now buy more cloths!! ( I know this defeats the object) but honestly I have so much more space and I can see everything especially in the children’s draws as they share a chest of draws, so there limited on space plus there Ikea chest of draws are really deep so having there cloths piled became a bit like a game of jenga. 

4. Online shopping. 

Doing your food shopping online means you can take your time picking your groceries and doing your Meal plan. You also aren’t tempted to stray off your list. I also find having a running total at the edge of my screen also makes me rethink some of my impulse/ treat buys. It will be delivered on a day of your choice and even better no tantuming bored todlers tagging along. 

5. Getting ready ahead of time.

I find getting the children’s clothes out the night before and there bags ready seems to save an incredible amount of time, especially as my 3 going on 13 yr old likes to pick her own cloths but takes too long deciding. I also always have a spare change bag ready for emergencies which is always packed with essentials for both children.
Please share your favourite organising tips! I’m always looking for more.

I’m working on a change bag essentials post atm so stay tuned!

Much love 

Rhianna xx

Meal planning 

As a mother of two under 4 with a partner that works long hour’s I feel like a single mother at times. So I battle this with lists for lists! Honestly i have a list for everything. But one of my big ones and i feel questionably one of the most important is my meal plan. 

The Benifits of meal planning !

1. It save hours in the supermarket.

Knowing exactly what you have to get and not wavering from that list means shopping is a quick, stress free and saves money when shopping with two little ones. 

2. Minimises waste. 

Checking what food you have left from last week is essential to minimising waste. Plan meals around that’s left first, for example if you have veg left then you need a meal that includes what vegetables you have left over or if you have some chicken etc.

3. Knowing what’s on for dinner.

I personally only plan dinner as my children eat cereal for breakfast most days. So knowing what’s for dinner helps me decide what’s for lunch. My son would live off pasta of he was allowed so there for if we’re having pasta for dinner then pasta is off the menu for lunch. 

4. Pick meals that use some of the same ingredients.

This on sounds strange in the title as I can’t find another that to world it so I’ll use an example.

( I’ve used same colours for same ingredients so it will reduce the money spent and the left over waste) 

All the black items are either one time use so there doesn’t tend to be waste, items I regularly by or items I would tend to have in the cupboard such as rice or pasta. 

Being organised and on top of everything makes life 10x easyer. Most of you are mum’s so I don’t need to explain how time saving is imperative. 

I also like to bulk cook when I can and have meals in the freezer, a dear friend of mine said one day (she didn’t mean it maliciously she just doesn’t have children so is ignorant to how much time you don’t have). 

She said “why are you freezing meals, you don’t don’t work or anything so you must have time to cook fresh everynight” I chuckled as she as only 10 weeks pregnant at the time. “I’m going to cook fresh for my baby every night, no freezer meals for us”

She is in for a short sharp shock when her baby arrives!

Anyway I’m rambling now. Have an amazing bank holiday weekend everyone!!!

Much love 

Rhianna xx

Keeping one step ahead 

Keeping on top of the house work and every day tasks can be a challenge with two kids under 4. Most days I used to feel like I was drowing under a sea of chorse and toys. I have found a few things that help me on a day to day basis keep my home running relatively smoothly.

1. Loading washing machine the night before.

This one may seem silly but I just never seems to be finished with the laundry so I find on a good day I can get 3 loads washed and dried in a day (with British weather you can’t take sun for granted ) I do have a tumble but I don’t like using it. So I just find loading the machine the night before and then when I turn the kettle on in the morning the machine goes straight on aswell. Presto 39 minutes later clean washing ready for pegging out on the line. 

2. The power hour 

This honestly has saved my life. My The Power Hour piece will explain more about this cleaning technique. 

3. Stay focused 

Playing music whilst cleaning really keeps me focused mainly as I boogy away whilst I’m doing it. 

4. Limit and contain the mess 

Having two under 4 tends to mean that as I’m cleaning there following behind leaving a trail of destruction, so I find limiting them to one small box of toys at a time does not only mean less to clean up but also teaches the kids to put away before getting more toys out. I also keep the toys in one room so I don’t end up with a house full of toys. 

5. Decluttering 

Clutter can creep up on us all. And whenit does it makes cleaning much harder. So twice a week I pick to places to declutter. I’m not talking entire rooms I’m talking small places which only take a few minutes such as kids wardrobe, side board or under the stairs. I just find this keep the clutter at bay without feeling that dreaded “oh god I’ve got to go through the bedrooms today etc “.

I hope you find this useful 

Much love 

Rhianna xx

Hospital bag must haves!

A dear friend of mine asked me to compile a list of hospital bag must haves so I though I’d share it with you guys.
You need to be prepared for the possibility of an over night stay.
For baby :
• 2/3 baby sleep suits
• 3/4 vests
• 2/3 hats
• 2/3 sets of mittons
• 2/3 pairs of socks
• Coming home outfit
• 15 nappies
• Cotton
• Blanket

For mum:
• Pjs x2
• Shampoo & conditioner
• Shower gel
• Tooth brush
• Toothpaste
• Hair brush
• Hair bands
• Deodorant
• Socks
• Coming home clothes (something loose)
• Slippers
• Dressing gown (optional I find hospitals to hot for dressing gowns)
• Snacks
• Juice (the provide water but that can get boring)
• A million maternity pads
• Breast pads (I didn’t need them as my milk didn’t come through early but I know people who did)
• Phone charger
• Magazine / entertainment

For Dad :
• Change if clothes
• Wash bag (mainly a tooth brush as they can go home but no one likes morning breath)
• Food
• Phone charger
• Change for car parking
• Entertainment (tablet, hand held games console… they get bored )
• Car seat to bring the baby home

I know it looks like a lot to take but remember you can always leave items in the car and keep sending hubby down for them, if something is forgotten it’s not the end of the world he can always nip home. There are hundreds of checklist online I found the best thing for me was a look through a few and take the items that worked for me and my family.


Hope this is helpful.

Much love

Rhianna xx

Omg. It’s raining toys !

How does my house always end up looking like a bombs sight! With toys EVERYWHERE!

That’s it I’ve had enough on standing on duplo bricks or breaking my neck on balls, time to do something about it and get organised. I wanted a storage solution that could be easily recognised by both children as my eldest has things my youngest isn’t allowed to touch (mainly by her rules not mine).

I ordered Trofast units from Ikea! They’re really good value for money I feel. I ordered 2 frames and 10 boxes 5 in pink 5 in orange so the kids can differentiate between each other’s toys. Ordering them like this was no difference in price that ordering the complete unit with boxes as a whole. Also I will add if you didn’t already know all Ikea tall stuff like chest of drawers,  book shelves, storage units etc all come with the strapping a wall mounting parts so your little explorer doesn’t pull it over on themselves. If you have a little one like my youngest you will understand how much of a god send this feature is.

I’m writing this on the way home from purchasing so I’ll will update you once they are complete and functioning.

See you all soon

Rhianna xx